72million ICO cap BLEW out!!

1st Licensed CRYPTO Bank In The US/World! (Florida)

History is being made

So now what?

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What else can you buy for a penny with this much MOMENTUM?
Waterhouse gives our gold coin project a valuation of $1.00+!

Owning Gold Coin Crypto could very well be like holding a winning lottery ticket.

We Have Access To A Gold Mine That Will Back CRYPTO  Gold Coins

gold crypto success
By our calculations .. we estamate the gold crypto coin linked to gold will have an intrinsic value of $3 or $4.  Position yourself for explosive growth. You can get them for around a penny now with incentives / bonuses when acquired through parent company.

The Karatgold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.
Specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a traditional, true, secure and value-stable medium.

“All You Need To Know Is  Basic Math”

Only 7.2 billion made available…

Almost 5 billion coins air dropped as of this post….

Guesstimate of 1 to 1.5 billion still waiting to be air dropped ( A guess… not factual)

The other 4 + billion will be distributed  through marketing campaigns and to cover over head expenses. (ex: Gifted ICO’s / Cape Town Incentive / New Cashgold / Coin Marketing campaign will begin within the next 48 hours)

Guesstimate (A guess not fact) they will need 1 billion coins held in reserve for the 35% bonus offer.

From here we can all do the math…

Gold Is Highly Regarded

” Crypto crap backed by nothing but hopes and dreams will crash “

Linked to spendable gold in as little as $7 increments. The sister/parent company has been offering the highest grade gold for 7 years. You can setup a free gold savings account with them and have a look around. BY INVITATION ONLY. Your Invitation is from “reply” Click Here to setup a free account without fees or obligations.

The  Rush For Crypto Backed By Gold  is ON!  There will never be a better time. We share our observations.

Do you know of any altcoins that are backed by REAL assets?

Here we already have a stash of the highest grade gold in the world from LBMA accredited  refineries.

Gold backed crypto will revolutionize how the World spends their money in the future and our GOLD Crypto will revolutionize  crypto currency.

GOLD Backed Crypto provides the stability everyone needs.

gold backed crypto stability

Put yourself on the road to financial success today.

**We DO NOT give investing or TAX advice … Other than  “Seek professional counsel before exchanging your money for crypto currency”

Cryptocurrency Linked To Gold

 Gold Coin Crypto currency In A Nutshell

The Pre-ICO tokens will remain at 1c with 40% bonus until Feb 28. Next stop 2c?

Gold Coin Cryptocurrency acquisition


OPTION #1 (Only legal for the few)  BONUS OF UP TO 40% (Limited time)  ** Note*  ICOs are banned in many countries and are being heavily scrutinized in others.  Therefore those in the US, UK.  People’s Republic of China or a citizen or resident of the Republic of Singapore, Socialist Republic of Vietnam or resident of a country where American embargoes and sanctions are in force, namely Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Cuba cannot participate directly in the ICO.

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How To Get  More Tokens  For Your Money!
USE CASH GOLD!  ( Acquire it at sister company)

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OPTION #2  For the rest of us … (Who can’t buy into ICOs)  … We can get free bonus tokens NOW  by participating in the original Gold savings and digital payment organization.

They are a WORLD CLASS gold selling, saving and multi tier affiliate based business based in Stuttgart Germany. They sell 1g, 2.5g, 5g classic cards, branding cards, partner business packages( Like mini franchises) … etc.  The gold and commissions are linked to a debit card. ( WORLD Exchange soon)  It is a solid, growing, stable business since 2011.

TRUSTWORTHY The Gold company is in the top 2% of all German companies for credit scoring and all their accounts are made public under German law.

You can even visit the home office at any time and they will show you around.

I enjoy the weekly pay and premium rewards. Paid unlimited “levels” down, no flushing, no fees or quotas required action to remain active.  No minimum payout threshold.  ( I have always been paid as promised since 2012)  There’s absolutely no obligations so I can’t think of a logical reason not to setup an account.

The Bonus Coin Offer Will End At Any Time!
From Feb 1st, when one  purchases a Silver business package in the gold savings business, they get 250 coins and so doesn’t the person who introduced them. So setup a FREE account ASAP.

The breakdown per package/Gold acquisition is as follows:

If you Buy:                                   You Get:    
Silver Business Package = 250 Coins
Gold Business Package = 500 Coins
VIP Business Package = 1000 Coins
Premium Business Package = 2000 Coins
Premium Pro Package = 4000 Coins
K-Exchange Business Account = 1000 Coins
Business License = 2000 Coins
Business License Pro = 4000 Coins
CashGold per 0.1 gram =  20 Coins
Upgrade to VIP = 600 Coins
FREE K-Exchange Registrations = 700 Coins

If you Invite Someone
Who  Buys:
                                   You Get:    
Silver Business Package = 50 Coins
Gold Business Package = 100 Coins
VIP Business Package = 250 Coins
Premium Business Package = 500 Coins
Premium Pro Package = 1000 Coins
K-Exchange Business Account = 500 Coins
Business License = 1000 Coins
Business License Pro = 1000 Coins
CashGold per 0.1 gram =  5 Coins
Upgrade to VIP = 150 Coins
FREE K-Exchange Registrations = 500 Coins


You buy a 0.1g (physical) spendable Cashgold for approx 5.87 €  and get 20 “free” tokens.
Cash Gold For Crypto

Or .. buy the new 1G Cashgold Card and get 200 Tokens.

gold crypto cashgold

-Now lets pretend the value of the token/coin happens to go to one dollar.
You still have the piece of physical (spendable) GOLD … AND also the token/coin which now is worth  €20!!  That’s why everybody is getting excited and saying that all the risk has been removed.

Click here to setup your free Gold savings account And Get Crypto Coins/Tokens

Why we store gold ….

Again,  by invitation only. Absolutely no obligations.
You are invited by Ben Alexander.
When you click on the link to become an affiliate;
The “sponsor” should get filled in for you:   reply
The “Karatbars ID” should be filled in for you:   67591793

Any questions call me directly: 570 746 9204


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**Disclaimer Crypto currency is highly speculative and users must agree and acknowledge that the gold Coin cryptocurrency does not constitute securities in any form in any jurisdiction.


Gold Coin Cryptocurrency  – 5 Years In The Making

The cryptonized gold can be transferred across all borders, transactions are cost efficient, secure and done in real-time.  The coin’s  value will be predictable because because everybody knows about Gold’s stability. Therefore, the Gold Coin Cryptocurrency has the ability to become quickly adopted worldwide.



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